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PanamaWargaming está reestructurandose para hacer más eventos más grandes y más proyectos que beneficien a la comunidad de Wargamers! mantente al tanto
recuerda que todos los Sabados y los Domingos se realizan partidas amistosas en las Tiendas Arkham Hobbies and Games! y Nacion Geek, puedes aprender a jugar algun juego, armar y pintar tus miniaturas y modelos, siempre hay a quien preguntar un consejo o una crítica constructiva! el hobby es mejor cuando se comparte entre amigos!

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Localización : Juan Diaz, los pueblos

MensajeTema: entendiendo la jerga   Miér Jun 27, 2012 8:12 am

Al igual que todo juego Malifaux tiene terminos que bien ya conocemos y otros nuevos, a continuacion se los dejo en ingles, me da weba traducir

AE or AoE: Area Effect or Area of Effect. This refers to attacks and effects which hit more then just one target and instead effect everything in an area. Ex: Blast Markers, Auras, Pulses, etc.
Alpha-Stank: A variation on the below using Some'r Teeth Jones, a swarm of Giant Mosquitos, and of course the sites namesake "Pull my finger" spells to create a pulse of irrestible Dg.
Alpha-Strike: A common tactic where you use abilities like Companion to activate and attack with multiple models at once, typically done immediately after winning initiative, so your opponents models are killed before they can react.

B2B: Base to Base, or base contact. When the bases of two models are touching.
Buff: Term used to indicate a spell or ability which is used to improve the basic stats of a piece, typically used to boost your own pieces.
Burst Damage: Refers to a large amount of damage all at once. A sudden rush of high damage.

Cheesy: Often used to refer to an ability, action, or strategy that the average player finds distasteful. Mostly used to reference a strategy or play style that is considered slightly abusive and is not needed to win or play well.
Clowns: Banned on the forums due to a certain game designer's fear of them, Clowns are free to be referenced in this wiki.
Crutch ___ : When something is described as a Crutch, it is generally seen as slightly to powerful and easy to use. Often describes things such as Crutch Tactics, Crutch Models etc. Not a nice term and should not be used without being prepared for backlash from fans of whatever your describing.
Cookies: All your cookies R belong to Sketch.

Damage Over Time (DOT): Damaging effect that works over time such as Poison.
De-buff: Term used to indicate a spell or ability which is used to decrease the effectiveness of a model, typically used against an enemy model.

:- fate: A negative twist for a fate flip, as per the Malifaux rules. On the Wyrd forums this is the code used to insert the negative twist icon you see in the rulebook and cards.
:+fate: A positive twist for a fate flip, as per the Malifaux rules. On the Wyrd forums this is the code used to insert the positive twist icon you see in the rulebook and cards.

Gremlin Gunline: A crew led by either Ophelia Lacroix or Some'r Teeth Jones and as many Bayou Gremlins as can be squeezed into the crew. Capable of producing a surprising amount of damage. Tries to overcome the low CB of the Bayou Gremlins by quantity of flips and "playing the odds".

LoS: Line Of Sight.

Negative Flip: A Negative Twist for a fate flip as per Malifaux rules.
Newbie: A kind name for a new player, there is nothing wrong with being a newbie.
NOOB: An insult generally directed at an experienced or veteran gamer.It implies they do not know what they are doing and are terrible at whatever the activity in question is.

Pig Boomerang: A tactic which utilizes pig models and "Air Traffic Controller" models (Giant Mosquitos, Hog Whisperers, Gremlin Taxedermists, Slop Haulers, or Some'r himself) casting the "Sooey" spell to launch a squadron of pigs from cover or range at a desired enemy model then back to friendly lines for another bombing run next turn.
Pig Ladders: A method of utilizing Giant Mosquitos and Piglets to launch a Gremlin model into a specific position (usually from cover and range).
Positive Flip: A Positive Twist for a fate flip as per Malifaux rules.

Resser: An shortening of "Resurrectionist"

SS: Soul Stones.
Straight Flip: A flip with no Positive or Negative twists on it.
Spam: To use a certain spell, ability or model as many times as you are able to.

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entendiendo la jerga
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